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Lab Created Diamonds

Lab diamonds are real diamonds that are made up of actual carbon atoms organized within the characteristic diamond crystal structure. Lab made diamonds are produced through advanced mechanical procedures that duplicate the conditions under which precious stones are created in nature, thereby forming the same proportionate optical and synthetic properties as mined diamonds.

Since they're fabricated from an equivalent material as natural diamonds, they exhibit an equivalent brilliance and sparkle.

With practically identical size and quality, lab-grown diamonds cost about 30% of regular mined diamonds.

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Benefits of lab Created Diamonds

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Comparatively Eco Friendly

While mined diamonds have a negative environmental impact, there is no concern about those that are created in the lab. For every carat of diamond that's mined, nearly 100 square meters of land is disturbed and virtually 6000 lbs of mineral waste are formed. While creating diamonds in the lab, no land needs to be disturbed, no matter how many carats.

Ethically sourced

All things considered, mined diamonds bring about 1 injury for every 1,000 workers every year, while lab-developed diamonds bring about zero. This is something, that is hard to prevent in a mining environment, no matter whatever precautions are taken. Meanwhile, in a lab, casualties are incredibly rare.

Competitively priced

No precious stone comes with a cheap price, but with lab grown diamonds, that price is much lower. The supply chain is much shorter in lab grown diamonds, so lab grown diamonds can be somewhere in the range of 40-50% more affordable than mined stones.

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